Food Inspirations

Carrot Leaves, Just Eat Them

Years, years ago I did not know how does carrot's leaves look like. Here is my journey. When I moved to Houston I saw for the first time the carrot leaves they were in the organic section so at that time I said heck no, this is expensive. I went to a cooking class in… Continue reading Carrot Leaves, Just Eat Them

Food Inspirations

Warm Apple Crumble

  Ingredients for the crumble Two cups of walnuts One Tbsp of melt Coconut oil One Tbsp of Maple Syrup One Tbsp of Coconut Sugar Half Tsp of Nutmeg Half Tsp of Cinnamon Ingredients for the fill inĀ  Four big apples One tbsp of culture butter (I got mine from Lucky Layla Farm) or ghee… Continue reading Warm Apple Crumble