Mind Inspirations

Are you holding back from shining?

This season always fill me with a beautiful reminder: We are meant to let go everything that surround us. 

I love the fact that in Houston I have had the experience of observing year after year how trees changes their leaves to receive new ones. My first realization was during a retreat at the Houston Zen Center. It was my first one week retreat. Wow for the experience. I was on my third day during a break all confused of staying in silence during such a long period of time and I was missing 4 more days!

It was February 2018, I remember very well because it was my birthday present I gave to myself. Lying on the grass, I observed the trees and noticed that none of them have leaves. None leaves at all.

Sin hojas


I was even confused if they were like that all the time. I know! sounds with non sense and maybe funny?! Fortunately it didn’t take me too long to realized that yeap those same trees used to have shiny, green, beautiful leaves few months ago. At that moment, I was questioning myself of doing deep changes in my life and the experience of observing the trees brought me at some point joy after realizing that we are all meant to let go and shine again. So, why we are so afraid to change?

While observing the trees I imagine a tree asking God to let her keep the leaves because she is so afraid to loose them (I choose feminine on purpose) . Then, I replied to myself: that doesn’t happen right?. All the change in the trees happen so naturally that we don’t even notice. It looks like if the trees knows and trust the process of changing. The trees trust that new shiny leaves are coming and that is ok.

I am actually writing this post while I watch behind my computer a tree close to my window that again confirms how important is to trust the process. It looks so calm and gentle enjoying the present moment without any leaves on it.

Healing can be as beautiful and natural as the way trees change their leaves. Then, we need to ask ourselves: what is making me so hard to do the change? which is the downside if I do the changes? Why it doesn’t feel safe to shine?

After six months of the experience of observing the trees with no leaves, I decided to move forward and do the changes. Again as every year, I find in this season,  the empty trees to keep reminding me in the perfect moment, to keep trusting the process.



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