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Wellnessabroso is a Lifestyle



If you’ve been around for a while, you might already know that Wellnessabroso is not just a bunch of recipes, a meal prep protocol or a specific diet. I always try to share other perspectives around food because I am truly a believer that we connect with food through emotions.  And how do we create emotions? Through the interconnection with ourselves and others.

Most of us were taught that moving into a healthy lifestyle starts with a diet and doing exercise. But how many times have we been asked about our emotions?  How often have we been encouraged to learn about tools that help us address our emotions, so it will impact the way we connect with food? And yes, lose weight.

How many times have we been told to trust our intuition?

When emotions are not addressed within the process of moving into a healthy lifestyle, we are just moving the shame, anxiety and frustration into a different bag. Because as I said before, we connect to food through our emotions.

In addition, the body experiences extreme dieting as a stressor. And when we’re stressed, we produce higher levels of cortisol and insulin.  These hormones can cause our body to slow down the rate at which we burn calories.

We spend so much of our life in diet modality structures and rules that the idea of saying, “I want you to trust yourself,” is scary to many people.

I created Wellnessabroso with the intention of providing a system that invites you to create your own structure. This system offers different tools: the anti-diet curriculum, yoga that wraps up with food and mind inspirations that you can review at anytime on my blog.

Wellnessabroso is a long lasting lifestyle change. It covers other perceptions of scenarios that are related to our connection with food such as: relationships, movement and body confidence, money, career, and spirituality.  Eating kale when you are on a extreme diet, is not the same as eating kale within a mindful environment and awareness of nurturing your body while you embrace the present moment.


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