Mind Inspirations

Why is Feminism in the Kitchen?


Lately I have read or heard the word Feminism in different environments.  From the group of people (men and women) who “support” the movement, and the group of people (men and women), who are against the movement. This brings my attention to how important it is for us, as a society, to have thoughts within a conflict that has two sides.

But what if we move to the intention? The intention of something that needs to be addressed. Including from those who are “against” the movement. Why? Because there is a reaction that connects with a behavior.

When it comes to cooking I notice some of this behavior around. I’ve seen some of the publicity of  Century XX and it made me feel sad and angry. Serving can be seen from so many different perspectives.  However, I am always confident that when you do it from the bottom of your heart, it will bring you so much joy.

We have moved into the direction of beliefs that being in the kitchen is a waste of time. It doesn’t add value to those who do it, except if someone is paid money for doing it. We have moved into an environment where the behavior of serving and feeding your body has turned into a waste of time.

Women decided to leave the kitchen, and men still don’t feel an attraction to try. It makes so much sense to me. Who in the world will have interest in doing an activity that has been denigrated over thousands of years? 

But who is getting the benefit of keeping us in that mindset?

The corporations that are industrializing meal production and meal delivery.

We have lost the whole point of the real meaning of cooking. 

We keep arguing about women’s liberation and men’s oppression so much that we have forgotten that in our core we are humans. Humans with the ability to see within each other a reflection of ourselves.

I want to invite you to connect with the kitchen from a different perspective. From the art of creating something new; from self love of feeding your body to keep it healthy and strong; from the love of serving others. A good start is to review how you are feeding your beliefs…turn off the TV.


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