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This Is Why I Love My Jobs


When I was in high school, my father always pushed us to find a summer job.  He used to say,  “I don’t want you to be here watching the TV for two months.”  Now I applaud the initiative. I worked in different places making cookies and pizzas.  The experience made my summers so much fun and I got to meet new people.

When I finished high school, the question the we had to answer was, “What would you like to be for the rest of your life?” I never had a doubt about wanting to learn about laws. But at that time, I wasn’t clear about the reasons why in my heart. My patterns and fears were driving me to make every decision. It amazes me how young we are when we have to make those decisions.

Learning and reading about how to solve different scenarios in law school was fun. However, I still remember the fear of not doing it perfectly, which meant having excellent grades.  In my mind that meant that I would not find a good job, lose the stability of having an income and end up in the scariest of scenarios, which was being homeless. Yes! All these thoughts were in my mind at that young age. That’s the way I created my relationship with money and the source of it.

Another pattern that I learned was how important it is to stick with one decision. I remember those who changed their mind about what they wanted to be the rest of their life. It was like a huge judgement on them. Like when you decide to convert your spirituality to a practice or religion different from what you grew up with. It could be a huge disappointment to those who provided you that first information. Sometimes we force ourselves to stick to the same decision for the rest of our lives. I guess because we have to pamper the fear of others, as well as our fear to keep ourselves inside the circle, inside the community.

How much fear we allow in and around ourselves!

We must have something instead of fear that drives us!  That pulls us!  That motivates us!  We must train our minds on a well-rounded lifestyle goal. A lifestyle goal that is heart-centered and spiritually advanced.  A goal that makes us happy and feel so good! I know you might be thinking, “That sounds beautiful, but how I can guarantee my income?” Well I believe that the money comes as a byproduct of a well rounded goal.

IMG_0977One of my favorite Netflix series is Chef’s Table.  I love listening to their stories.  All of them share one main ingredient, Passion. I remember Enrique Olvera , a Mexican chef’s story. He mentioned that when he decided to be a chef his parents were kind of disappointed because in Mexico, people expect you to be “licenciado” “arquitecto”, but not a cook. However, he followed his heart and decided to sign up and become a chef.

Days ago I read a very inspiring thought.  It said, “Don’t ask your kids what they want to be when they get older, ask them how would they solve a problem.”  This means to listen and focus on their desire. There are plenty of scenarios where they can achieve their desire. If you focus only on one scenario, the sources will be limited.

Failures will become either your motivation, fear or a well-rounded goal. Remember that failures only mean more information as you move forward.


I learned that I love to solve problems by providing tools. As a lawyer I provide knowledge and experience to engineers so they can make a better decision. As a health coach I provide tools so my clients can learn to better understand the interplay of ingredients.  As a yoga instructor, I provide knowledge and options of postures so my students can build a better connection with their bodies.  As a mother, I provide Sebi with experiences and resources so he can learn to make wise decisions. That’s the reason I love my jobs, because in all of them, I am doing what I desire, providing resources.




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