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Private Yoga Classes

I have had students from different backgrounds and needs, all of them share a similar experience after my class: Ahhh this is very relaxing.

If you want to try a practice different from flow and instead, keep yourself conscious of each posture and learn how to adapt the yoga pose to your unique body I am here to help!

I was trained by Robert Boustany, founder of Pralaya Yoga . Robert is one of the best instructor in Houston, Tx. He has instructed yoga classes and seminars internationally over forty years. Robert has extensively studied many esoteric forms of yoga, tai chi chuan, qigong, and a variety of self care modalities, which lead to his extensive understanding of self care for today’s lifestyle.
Do you know that 95% of the time we behave from our subconscious? Bringing yoga to your daily activities is an opportunity to keep your mind present. Book a private class with me or review my schedule to know the places where I team Group Yoga Classes.

Private Yoga Class



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