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Private Yoga Classes

This class truly is for everyone. All people of all ages and physical ability-levels are welcome here! Never tried yoga before? This class is for you! Practiced yoga for years? You will find fellow spirits right along side you. Too tired, too tight, too sore, too stressed out to even think about coming to a class? Then this class most certainly has a mat for you (all equipment is provided). 

We all carry stress and tension in our bodies and this sometimes leads to pain and chronic stiffness – in the lower back, neck-and-shoulders, and hips especially – which only adds to our stress. We practice a slow, meditative form of yoga in which many modifications to fit individual bodies are possible and encouraged. Expert help and guidance will allow you to explore how each pose feels to you, and this helps in reaping benefits while avoiding potential for injuries.  

Think of yoga as a way to release tension as we intentionally relax and reconnect body and mind, listening and feeling for our own rhythms and sources of strength. Our class is a break from the world, a time to be quiet and calm, not something you ‘should’ or ‘need’ to get ‘good’ at or worry that others may judge you. We practice in gratitude for the time of renewal and restoration provided by our practice and welcome you to join us


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