Food Inspirations

Watermelon Sorbet with Chamoy

If you been at Mexico you will know what does chamoy means. The taste is a little sour, a little sweet, a little spicy (don't trust on the spicy, I am Mexican). These days Houston has been very hot and it amazing how the mother nature support us in this process. Watermelon is seasonal and… Continue reading Watermelon Sorbet with Chamoy

Food Inspirations

Tahini – Chocolate Bites

These days have been hot right? really hot!!! Would you like to have a good trick in your fridge? It is fast and delicious. Here is the recipe: Ingredients for the inside: One cup of cup of cashew. Soak them the night before. 1/4 cup of macadamia. Soak them the night before. Three spoons of… Continue reading Tahini – Chocolate Bites