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My relationship with the TV


Vintage television


Trying to find a balance between motherhood and my personal project called Wellnessabroso I found TV as a good parter. I was confident because of the variations I was doing comparing when I was a kid.

At my parents home,  we used to have a TV in each room including the kitchen. I remembered having lunch at home while watching TV shows with random publicity every 15 minutes. After years I realized how my brain was damage with such harmful information: the perfect shape body, stereotypes of women and men behaviors, food that is delicious without saying the side effects and so on.

When I met my husband I realized that TV was not that indispensable in my life. He was not used to watch TV that often, we spend most of the time outside, doing outdoor activities. This help me to “detoxifyed” from TV, I got the Aha moment and realized what was happening. I was not nuturing my mind with high quality information, I was letting the black box feeding myself without any filter .  I stopped television and magazines that focus on who was divorcing or cheating his/her partner (yes I was reading those too) .

I turned my attention to information that was adding me value. After years, I felt the difference. I feel more knowledgeable and more free of stereotypes.

My approach to TV now is selecting with filter. No advertisements and only TV shows that provide information which makes me feel safe. That’s the way I started with Sebi my son. However, I lost one piece: I was not teaching my kid to entertain himself,  I was asking the black box to do it for him. As a consequence, after he watched his favorite movie, he ask myself to behave as the black box: entertain him.

It was a very stressful situation because after I finishing my work, he was asking me for my deep attention and what I was looking at that moment was a break for myself because the next task was preparing the meal. I was frustrated without understanding what was wrong.

I took the decision to be a stay-at-home mum because I wanted to enjoy my son. I like playing with him, interact with him. I was working all the mornings at the computer and this behavior was not toward my goal.  I read an article that open my eyes and remind myself the importance of changing incongruences. The article invited you to do a list of activities that you don’t like and find the way of doing changes.  I did changes at home. I removed does things that even they were small task they completely drawn my energy. I also save two hour sundays to schedule my recipes and pictures in the media.

I started to teach my kid other activities that invited him to entertain himself. At the beginning it was not easy. He got use to a previous behavior but with little steps, one at a time, he now barely ask to watch tv. I am riding the bicycle in the morning and I am truly happy for that.

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