Mind Inspirations

My relationship with the TV

    Trying to find a balance between motherhood and my personal project called Wellnessabroso I found TV as a good parter. I was confident because of the variations I was doing comparing when I was a kid. At my parents home, ¬†we used to have a TV in each room including the kitchen. I… Continue reading My relationship with the TV

Food Inspirations

Kelp Pesto with a pinch of Coconut

I found the inspiration in a picture I saw this morning from one of my favorites restaurants in Vancouver, Zen Conscious Lounge. Kelp Noodles. Yes! it is an algae rich in antioxidants, 6 times more than acai, 60 times more than pomegranate and 100 times more than blueberries. Contain over 70 nutrients + minerals, including… Continue reading Kelp Pesto with a pinch of Coconut