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Carrot Leaves, Just Eat Them


Years, years ago I did not know how does carrot’s leaves look like. Here is my journey. When I moved to Houston I saw for the first time the carrot leaves they were in the organic section so at that time I said heck no, this is expensive. I went to a cooking class in Monterrey, Mexico Luna a lady of 85 years who cooks DELICIOUS said something very interesting: leaves and seeds have more nutrients that the product itself, most of the time are edible! My eyes were opened. I then started my CSA program with Johnson’s Backyard Garden. Carrots came into season and Oh my, the leave were huge. I didn’t know how to eat them so I juice them. Months after I went to a cooking class with Dan Kent, Zen priest and Tenzo (temple head cook) he was trained for many years in the kitchen at Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery, the largest Zen Buddhist monastery in the West. Dan taught me how to cook the carrots leaves with a delicious recipe which include Shoyu, Sake .. Mmmmm. This week, the CSA from Finca Tres Robles have beautiful Carrot leaves. Here is a recipe which I believe it is easy and delicious! you can use them in your veggies, rice, tomato soup or just as chips.

Keep them outside and if the crunchiness gone the next day, place them again place them in the oven again (350F) for 8 min. They will be crunchy again.

Carrots is the richest source of betacarotene which is converted into vitamins A in the body. This vitamin is required for normal vision, healthy-looking skin, and effective reproductive function, as well as for helping the body to fight infractions such as cold and bronchitis.


  • Big bunch of carrot leaves
  • One Tbsp of cumin seeds
  • One tsp of garlic powder
  • One Tbsp of cold press olive oil
  • Sea Salt



  1. Heat the oven 350F
  2. Remove the sticks of the carrot leaves and chopped them in a food processor,  Keep it easy, remove only  the sticks at the end.
  3. Spread the chopped leaves in a oven tray spread the cumin seeds, garlic powder, sea salt and olive oil.
  4. Place the tray at the oven for 10min or more. Until they are crunchy
  5. Remove them from the oven and cool them out.



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