Food Inspirations

Tahini Raw Cones

  I got my CSA from Finca Tres Robles. Yeiii. Here is a recipe of how to prepare a delicious recipe with your collards and cilantro. Do you know sesame seeds are excellent choice for nourishing the bones and health? It contain 670mg of calcium per 100gm, they beat most foods, including whole milk, in… Continue reading Tahini Raw Cones

Food Inspirations

Grain Free Granola

  Ingredients: 2 cups of chopped nuts. (Cashew, Pecans, Hazelnuts, Almonds) 1/3 cup of maple syrup  1/3 cup of coconut oil One cup of cacao nibs   Instructions. Soaked the nuts the night before. Heat the oven 350 C Remove the water from the soaked nuts and rinse with new water. Chopped the nuts in… Continue reading Grain Free Granola

Food Inspirations

Cilantro – Moringa Dressing

  Cilantro has huge benefits because of its incredible nutritional content which includes: Vitamin C, K, A, E, magnesium, potassium, calcium. It helps you to detoxify the liver, support kidneys and help to balance blood sugar levels. This week, Finca Tres Robles' CSA came with fresh cilantro, Cherry Tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, radishes among other veggies.… Continue reading Cilantro – Moringa Dressing