Food Inspirations

5 Reasons You Should Start Attending to Cooking Classes

During this journey I have listened different approaches about learning how to cook. For me it means having the most wonderful tool to keep myself healthy because eating plain is bored and make me wants to go back to junk food. So here is 5 reasons why it is a good idea to start learning cooking classes.

1. Opportunity to Meditate.


I incorporated meditation in my life during my detox in 2012. Chopra’s CDs were one of my first resource to practice this powerful tool I then move into something more sustainable and join to Houston Zen Meditation Center. What a lovely place! Well, I took an Introduction to Meditation Course and I remembered when Gaylon, the Abbot of the Center, mentioned  that we can practice meditation while you we are cleaning the dishes. She recommend us to practice a task at home during our meditation. As expected, I choose cooking. I turned off the phone and made the dinner. My mind kept distracting me but I try to stay present and be aware of my breath. Meditation has been one of my best tools to be more aware of my emotions.

2.Share with others.


Have you notice that during a reunion everyone ended gathering in the kitchen? or at least the ones that are in the kitchen it seams they are having an amazing time? I believe it is in our DNA. We like to share in the kitchen. When everyone participates in the preparation of the dinner you have the opportunity to share. Besides, your hands are busy so you don’t need your mobile right? Kids can be involve too!

3.Stop counting calories.


When you get real food, your body receives nutrients and will gladly tell you that it is full. Process food confuse your body and the hormone of satisfaction will take much more longer to be released because the body will still looking for nutrients. Have you have that experience? When you just have eaten an “energy charge” process chocolate bar and your are craving for another one 30 minutes after? The challenge is to let leptin do its job so that the brain demands less food. Cooking will makes you feel relief of counting calories you just get real food and have the pleasure of cook them.

4.Get in touch with your body.


When we cook outside we are not in control of what is in our food. Have you felt bloated, constipated or diarrhea? and started visiting doctors offices, lab studies? Does medicine is working? Well, another resource is cooking. When you cook you get to know what it is in your food and this means you have a better control of how you want to feel after eating. You can try the elimination diet  and remove ingredients in your cooking that doesn’t are compatible to your unique body. The more you INVEST time to get to know your body the more connected you will feel with it.

5.Save money.


I’m will not compare the benefits of cooking with the one dollar hamburger from Mc Donalds. It will be like comparing pears between apples. It truly concerns me what is inside of this product. For more reference watch Super Size Me, it is a 2004 documentary that unravels the american obesity epidemic while Morgan, the director, submitted himself to a Mc Donald’s only diet for thirty days straight. When you compare prices between similar products, with the same quality, I mean that will provide nutrients to your bodies. Correct! cooking at home means you will save money. Besides, when you cook at home with high quality products,  you will keep yourself healthier and your visits to the doctor’s offices will be simnifically reduced then, you will save money too. Have I mentioned saving time too? I guess your already figure out too.


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