Mind Inspirations

I changed into a "healthy" diet and gained weight



I have founded very useful  to express  in my blog topics that visit my mind and stay there until I wrote my thoughts. Thank you for all the people interested in reading and share points of view.

I changed my diet in 2012, I was tired of visiting doctor’s offices.  I was so frustrating  of having pain and feeling uncomfortable almost everyday. Even thought,  I was not in a hospital laying on a bed or suffering a chronic disease, I felt at that time so much anger and  sadness of not having a good quality life. I was able to do my work as a lawyer, share with friends, drive my car, do exercise -actually my body was fit-. In average standard society might qualify me as a healthy person. I just needed some pills when I had reflux, antibiotics when I had dryness in my eyes and make a good effort to sleep well no matter the anxiety I was feeling. If at some point I tried to question my condition, I might probably received a message like “there is people feeling worst that you, don’t complain”.

I woke up.

Realizing how good my body is meant to feel, change my lifestyle. Today, I know it is my responsibility to choose how I want to feel and food is key. In my everyday, I don’t choose eating in a balance way. Food have one purpose in my body: increase sickness or health. I don’t choose balance in this standard. I better took the ownership and give myself time to know my unique body and the food that is best. I definitely have exceptions, but I call them like that, exceptions, not balance. I know medicine is definitely a resource and I am thankful for that. I keep it as a option but aware of the side effects. All this information and experiences have helped me to make better decision of my health. Our body is a Ying-Yang, the gut is intended to keep balance between good and bad bacteria. Here is where I strive balance. David Perlmutter MD  in his book Brain Maker has a lovely approach on this subject, he mentioned: “In the last century, it seems we’ve tried to shut nature out in a lot of ways believing that it harbors germs and deadly pathogens”. A large group of various microbes live in our body, they are part of our gut. As Dr. Natasha Cambell MD, MMedSci (neurology and nutrition) mentioned in her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome, the gut cannot be sterilized. Bacteria will be very well controlled in health body by beneficial flora.

I weight now 57 kilos, this is the first time I reach this number. At the beginning, I was denying my reality and I was pushing myself to still fit in my skinny jeans.  I then started to realize, that for the first time, I am feeling more grounded and more aware of my body. During my yoga practices I noticed that people who have the body shape, I was taught through television or other publicity as the strongest,  were sometimes weaker than others who didn’t. I had an “aha” moment again. I was always striving for the skinny fit body and not for my health. I decided not listening my body and reach the goal of having the body I was taught was the beautiful one.

I guess all the changes I have made until now helped me to this “aha” moment. I stopped watching non selected TV for the last three years. I don’t read “garbage” magazines anymore. I am more aware now of how I want to feed my mind too. When I saw Sebastian I think to myself this is brand new brain, it is your responsibility of how I want to feed it.




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