Food Inspirations

Sweet Potato Tacos

I had tons of sweet potatoes in my refrigerator and not so sure of what to cook. I was a little tired of the same recipes (“fried” sweet potato & curry sweet potato). I steam them and wait until I get inspired.  

While driving home I was thinking of something fast, easy which includes steam sweet potatoes. I seriously thought to go back to the curry sweet potato but they were already steam. However, this pushed me to create something new! I imagined a taco and then started searching in my mind which food will be ok to fill in. I bought fenugreek sprouts in farmers market last Saturday! Great! Then I was missing one of the key ingredients. DRESSING I choose a creamy one. I hope you enjoy it as well as my family and myself did.

Be sure to have plenty of flour, steam potato becomes very sticky during the process.



-2 cups of sweet potato puree

– 1 cup of buckweet flavour. Save in case you need more

– one tsp of coconut oil


– Big bunch of sprouts. I used fenugreek.


– 1/4 of olive oil

– 5 cashews

– one handsful of parsley

– soy sauce

-juice of one half of a lemon


Heat the pan high temperature for 5 min and reduce the heat. Mix all the ingredients. Make a small ball of the mixture and put it in the middle of two parchment papers cover with coconut oil or flour.  Use your hands or a “tortillera” to do the tortilla shape. Cover your hands with flour too. Believe me the sweet potato will be very sticky. After you have the shape, remove it immediately from the parchment paper and put into the pan. Change side when ready. 


Blend all the ingredients

Put the sprounts inside the tortilla, spread the dreassing. You can add topins like avocado or cheery tomatoes.


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