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Tiny pizzas! πŸ˜›


Ingredients for pizza – time cooking 35 min.

– one and a half cup of quinoa flour. Buy quinoa and use your blender 😊. – I added a few farro too-. (Save some flour for to knead)
– one spoon of yeast (levadura)
– one salt spoon
– one spoon of sweetener. I used β€œmiel de piloncillo”, brown sugar (remenber sticky!) could be an option, Honey too! 😊
– two spoons of chia
– one cup of warm water (do not boil)
– bunch of different vegetables

Steps for the bread:
– mix all the solid ingredients.
– in warm water add the sweetener and the chia
– add the mix above to the solid ingredients
– knead the mix until you don’t feel it sticky. Use the saved flour.
– make to holes in the center and wait until they disappear. The bread is ready!
Instructions for pizza

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Food Inspirations

Spicy nuts


Easy, healthy snack.Β 


  • Any type of nuts or seeds. I preferred pecan, almonds, sunflowers or pumpkin seeds.Β 
  • Species. Ginger, curcuma powder, corrandier or paprika. I choose ground sumac.
  • Non refined sea salt.Β 
  • Little Coconut oil


Heat the coconut oil, add the nuts and roast from 5 to 8 minutes. Sprinkle the salt and species over and stir.Β 


Β Β 

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Food Inspirations

Vegan Ceviche Class

I like to share what I have learned in this journey. This is the favorite dish of my husband. It is fast, have tons of benefits and it taste delicious.  You don't need to be vegan. The purpose is to add more ideas of dishes that include more veggies to your diet.