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Mushrooms Pozole

When I decided to remove meat from my diet my mother really got surprised. We discussed several occasions on the subject. I am so happy today we can emotional freely share perspectives about eating meat. And the best, to enjoy her recipes with vegan adjustments. My journey about meat has been changing in different stages. Since I was a kid meat was the center plate, big piece of meat and the rest was small amounts of veggies. When I started to practice exercise in my 20’s, I ate meat most of the time -to gain protein, as I was said-. Afterward, in my 30’s I was suggested to follow the diet based on my blood type and meat was reinforce in my table specially chicken.
Meantime, the dryness of my eyes was dramatically increased, I visit around 10 different doctors and I didn’t have any improvement except when I was prescribed antibiotics -dryness was control but not remove-. That’s when I started a detox (three years ago) which included remove any type of meat. Dryness gone!!! So happy. I kept eating only fish and I really stigmatize other type of meat.
Today (my present – the only time I have), I feel more relax on the subject, I know there is a lot of information outside but I have to keep listening to my body which is unique.
In my country we normally eat pozole with meat instead of mushroom. We did the variation and it was really tasty I hope you enjoy it too.

Sauce Ingredients:
– 10 chiles guajillo
– Peppermint
– 5 cloves of garlic
– Avocado Oil
– Water

Pozole ingredients:
– 500 grms of crimi mushrooms
– Water
– 600 grms of corn pozole grain
– Bunch of oregano

– Chopped Romaine Lettuce
– Chopped Radish
– Chopped Onion
– Lemon
– Dried oregano

Instructions for the Sauce:

Toasted the chiles and remove the seeds. Boil three cups of water and submerge the chiles for 15 minutes. Blend them with the garlic, pinch of salt and pepper. Strain and stir the sauce in the avocado oil (one teaspoon).

Instructions for the Pozole Corn:  
Soak the corn pozole grain the previous night. Boil the corn pozole grain in four cups of water add a head of garlic and oregano when the grains became softer. When they are cooked, keep the water and peel them. Mixed the saved water, corn, sauce, mushrooms and the oregano and cooked until boil.

Serve and add the toppings.

Super yummy!

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