Food Inspirations

Vegan wraps

Ingredients for the wrap - bunch of collards - one zucchini - two carrots - sprouts Ingredients for the paste: - half of red bell pepper - one cup of mix of nuts (pecan, cashew, almonds) - bunch of cilantro - two tablespoon of tamari or bragg sauce - pinch of cayenne peper - 1/3… Continue reading Vegan wraps

Food Inspirations

Ceviche de frijol

Ingredients: - two cups of boiled beans, soaked the night before. - bunch of chopped cilantro - three chopped cloves of garlic - half cup of chopped onion - bunch of chopped parsley - one cup of chopped red tomato - one or two avocados - species (oregano, thyme ...) Dressing: - 1/3 cup of… Continue reading Ceviche de frijol