Food Inspirations

Pumpkin and cane juice (non refined sugar)

In Mexico (my country) we celebrate Death. November 1st and 2nd are called “Dia de Muertos”. On those dates we practice different activities, the one I enjoy the most is “la ofrenda” its being said , that the spirits of your loves come to visit you and you share with them food, yes! food. At home, we cook their favorite food and some typical food (pan de muerto, calabaza dulce). We believe our loves savour and take the essence of the food.

I’ve just realized that “dulce de calabaza” has healthy ingredients and I cooked at home. I took the recipe from mom. So, find it below:

– half of a small pumpkin
– piloncillo (one cone)
– 3 cinnamon sticks
– one small orange
– water 500 ml

– Cut the pumpkin as well the orange into pieces including their skins. The purpose of the orange is the flavor but its skin has a strong taste, therefore some people do not eat them but enjoy the new taste of the pumpkin and the broth.
– boiled the ingredients until the pumpkin is soft (aprox two hours)




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