Food Inspirations

Poblano pepper with quinoa + sunflower sprouts salas

– Chile pepper
– Quinoa

Dresser for the chile pepper:
– Bunch of Cilantro
– One clove of Garlic
– Avocado (small piece). The purpose is to make it creamy
– Sea salt
– Two spoons of lemon
– Olive oil
– bunch of pumpkin seeds

Dresser for the sunflower sprouts
– lemon
– olive oil
– sea salt & pepper

– To make the poblano pepper softer and remove the thin and soft shell toast it
– Boil de quinoa
– When the poblano pepper is cooked remove the thin shell with a fork (scrape), cut one in half lengthwise and pile a big dollop of quinoa
– Blend all the ingredients of the dresser for the poblano pepper. Serve the mixture in the top of it.
– Serve with sunflowers sprouts dressed with olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper.

Enjoy!! 😊😊😊😊❤️❤️

20140806-092745 p.m.-77265790.jpg

20140806-092834 p.m.-77314833.jpg

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