Food Inspirations

Granola 😋😋


– oatmeal
– nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecan, cashew…. Use your imagination 😃
– coconut flakes
– hemp
– vanilla essence
– clove powder (half spoon)
– cinnamon powder
– piloncillo honey (see previous post) or raw bee honey


– roast the nuts. Add one type of nut and add the next type and so on. Keep moving as show in the video (Instagram #wellnessabroso) or will be burned.
– add the oatmeal
– add the coconut flaked
– add the hemp
…. Keep moving….,
– add the cinnamon and clove
…keep moving …. 😀😀💪
– turn off the light and immediately add the piloncillo honey or the raw honey.

Enjoy!!!!! 👌

20140725-025802 p.m.-53882036.jpg

20140725-025802 p.m.-53882893.jpg

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