Food Inspirations

Your body a whole unit

Since I was born my understood of healing the body was “one drug, one disease”. I believe my parents learned in the same way.
The more I read about food and the impact that has in our body, the more I’m convince that you cannot heal selectively. “When the body heals it heals everything”.
When I was suffering a severe dryness in my eyes the doctor (specialized on eyes 😊😊😊) prescribed antibiotics. After one year of looking for a solution, I found a Doctor who provided a diagnostic “roseacea” he said: it cannot be removed but we can control it. 😳😳😳. At that time I was “satisfied” with the diagnostic at the end, I got a “concept” or “definition” and that’s how my mind,at that time,used to work.
So I said antibiotics! The side effects: my stomach! I was trying to heal some disease (said “trying” because never was heal at 100% not even close to 60%) and affected other side of my body. I needed another drug to heal my stomach. I when back and forth healing my eyes and my stomach.
When I decided to do detox (three phases) after a process of changing some habits I boosted my body! I started again to wear contact glasses!!! I get in touch with my body, I speak with it.
Medicine could help, but it should be temporary, never as a habit.
Please watch the link below if you decided to watch the movie pay attention on what Charlotte Gerson said about healing the whole body 😄😄😄.”>Food Matters

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