Food Inspirations


We went yesterday to the Zoo and when I saw Rhinos make me think to post about protein.
Rhinos are herbivores and they are big and strong. Do you believe humans need meat to get tons of protein?
In my perception, meat is not a bad food. However, we have to do I little more research based on simply logic. When we eat a big steak which by the way will taste delicious if our mammillary body (where we store memories and emotions close to the hypothalamus) is used to, will take a huge job from our digest system to obtain all the nutrients including the protein. Is that necessary? If you really need protein without a hard job for your body try seeds, beans, grains, vegetables(i.e.sprouts), canaryseeds milk(see previous post).
If your mammillary body really needs a steak eat it! just be aware you will feel sleepy because of the extra energy on your digestive system. Remember the main purpose of eating is to obtain energy! And it must taste delicious! πŸ˜„
Happy monday! 😊😊😊

20140630-034559 p.m.-56759581.jpg

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