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Tiny pizzas! πŸ˜›

Ingredients for pizza – time cooking 35 min.

– one and a half cup of quinoa flour. Buy quinoa and use your blender 😊. – I added a few farro too-. (Save some flour for to knead)
– one spoon of yeast (levadura)
– one salt spoon
– one spoon of sweetener. I used “miel de piloncillo”, brown sugar (remenber sticky!) could be an option, Honey too! 😊
– two spoons of chia
– one cup of warm water (do not boil)
– bunch of different vegetables

Steps for the bread:
– mix all the solid ingredients.
– in warm water add the sweetener and the chia
– add the mix above to the solid ingredients
– knead the mix until you don’t feel it sticky. Use the saved flour.
– make to holes in the center and wait until they disappear. The bread is ready!
Instructions for pizza
– make the shape and use the pan to cook it. (See the picture) DON’T FRY! Use a brush to spread the oil. (I recommend coconut oil, but it could be peanut oil, avocado oil)
– add at the top of the bread the “cilantro” dresser (see instructions below) and the bunch of vegetables
– Owen for 5 min. DON’T overcooked vegetables.

Cilantro dresser
– big bunch of cilantro
– half cup of olive oil
– sea salt!
– 1 garlic clove
– use your blender! 😊
Parsley or basil is another leave

20140621-080610 p.m.-72370287.jpg

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