Food Inspirations

Understanding the zone

When we decide to make an important change in our lives the first step is having clarity on the Why? ask, ask, ask, questions! you must be convince of why you are doing a change.

When you clearly understand the why you will flow in the zone. In my case, my main driver was looking for other alternatives to reduce my anxiety and eliminate a bunch of discomforts including an important dryness in my eyes. My main purpose was pursuing health and I have to reinverse the pyramid and accept that the way I was taught was the incorrect path. No reason to judge they were taught exactly the same way.

When we have clarity in your driver then, you will be able to decide when to  make exceptions in our day to day situations. The change doesn’t has to be stressful, we have to enjoy healthy and some situations will be challenging.

What I enjoy the most of learning all this new information, is that I got the principles so I can move within different situations and this will be my main philosophy in this blog.




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