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Tip 1. Observemos etiquetas. El productor pretende vender stevia “in the raw” que podria traducirlo como “stevia natural”. En sus ingredientes contiene un activo igual que el splenda Dextrose -les contare mas adelante de los daños que produce este producto-. El stevia natural solo debe contener stevia, sin otro activo agregado. Su sabor puede ser un poquito amargo y el color es un poco verdoso. Saludos!

20140609-021510 p.m.-51310907.jpg

2 thoughts on “Stevia?”

    1. Hebita. Thank you for your comment and joining the blog. I will be posting in English and Spanish. However, you are more than welcome to ask if you need me to translate any article that you found interesting and I posted in Spanish.
      About this post title Stevia:
      I’m comparing two products making a highlight in the stevia label package. Even it says “Stevia in the raw” when your read the ingredients it contain Dextrose. Stevia must contain only stevia from the leaf, no additional ingredients. Its’ taste is a very little bitter and the color is lightly green. Dextrose is an ingredient that you find it also in Splenda (showed in the picture), I will further post about this harmful product.


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