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I’m Brenda Tapia, Founder of Wellnessabroso and creator of the Anti-Diet curriculum. I am a mother, entrepreneur and former attorney who has been studying cooking and nutrition for seven years. I’m a certified health coach and yoga instructor who splits my entrepreneurial duties with the responsibilities of running a household, which include cooking simple, healthy, delicious meals for my family and myself every day.
I’m of Mexican descent and based in Houston. I’ve spent half of my life studying various methods to live an efficient and healthy lifestyle. In the past, I used my body purely as an instrument and didn’t listen to it. I practiced different diets with the simple objective of maintaining my body as a tool —because of my limited understanding, I had a very limited lifestyle.
Five years ago I decided to listen to my body and make healthier decisions based on what made sense to me. I received coaching from people who encouraged me to connect with my body rather than just endlessly repeating a lifestyle that wasn’t in my body’s best interests.

Today, I listen to my body and obtain more efficient results. It makes me happy to know that I have access to diverse resources and the freedom to choose a healthy foundation on which to build the lifestyle that suits me best.
It’s this understanding that helped my body and my eyes heal from severe dryness and bouts of anxiety.
Since I became a lawyer, my passion has always been to transform complex information into simple, understandable solutions to help my clients make informed decisions that are right for them.
The Anti-Diet is the result of that passion. I can’t wait to share the secrets to a wellness-centered kitchen with you!

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Melanie picture“Cooking with Brenda is a dream because her food is super flavorful yet extremely healthy and EASY. Making healthy meals is now totally knock’s my family’s socks off and I’m not a slave in the kitchen. I never knew healthy eating could have this incredible flavor profile while simplifying my life. I am forever in your debt.”


OM pic

“I admire how Brenda is passionate about everything she teaches. Whether it be yoga or cooking, she takes time with her students to help them understand every element that she wants to articulate. So grateful that our paths have crossed, as she inspires me to maintain passion for those things I wish to help others understand, which in turn helps me to understand deeper within too.”